Brett Chisholm.

Front End Developer and Web Enthusiast.


I am a front end developer and designer who is passionate about the web and hooked on life. Having graduated from the University of Leeds in 2012 I now work for the good folk at Propeller Communications. I love SASS, responsive web design and clean usable interfaces.

The web is wonderful and forever changing. I love to design and build beautiful solutions for any given task or problem. SASS and sublime are my weapons of choice.

A brand can encompasses pretty much anything for anybody. Building a brand is not just designing a logo. It is about delivering the message which a body wants to transmit.

Whether it be a business card, letterhead or advertisement, printed assets are an integral business asset which I create with thought and creative flair.


There's plenty more where that came from! Links to my CV and sites I have built and/or designed are available on request. You can contact me by using the below:

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